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Our Heat Pump solutions provide an alternative cost effective solution for space heating and hot water in your home. Less installation, less mess, more savings.

10 to 15 yrs ago Heat Pumps were many peoples choice in one-off or self build houses where people went above the then building regulations on insulation, air tightness and low U value windows and doors.  Installing air to water Heat Pumps or GeoThermal Heat Pumps on these developments  was a deemed a high end solution.

Now that building regulations have surpassed what developers were required to include in the past, air to water Heat Pumps have become really popular and for many developers, the heating and hot water system of choice for their projects.


Air-To-Water Heat Pumps over the last ten years have also become far more advanced, with higher efficiency ratings and easier installations, they also eliminate the need for any other heat source i.e gas, oil boilers or extra renewable energy installations in the property.
We use a range of the highest performing pumps in the market including Joule, Panasonic, Nibe and Thermia.

At Mahoney Heating & Plumbing we provide solutions that cater for all scales of domestic and industrial projects. Contact us today to find out more about how an Air-To-Water Heat pump solution could work in your home or business.

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