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Unlock the power beneath your feet. Our Geothermal Solutions provide you with an environmentally sound and financially efficient heating solution your home or business premises.

Geothermal heating solutions are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

In Ireland the ground maintains a constant temperature range of  between 11oC and 13oC, several metres below the surface. Heat pumps take advantage of this by transferring the heat stored in the earth or in ground water to buildings in winter and the opposite in summer for cooling. Through compression, heat pumps can ‘pump up’ heat at low temperature and release it at a higher temperature so that it may be used again.

At Mahoney Heating & Plumbing we provide solutions that cater for all scales of domestic projects. Contact us today to find out more about how a Geothermal solution could work in your home.

Solar solutions that deliver results for you and the environment